Traditional Foods of Britain


traditional-foods-1Traditional Foods of Britain, Prospect Books 1999 (co-author with Laura Mason)

Joint-winner of the 2000 Guild of Food Writers Michael Smith Award for a book on British food.
Based on the European Commission funded Euroterroir Project, pioneered by the French, which was set up to establish a data base of information on the nature and history of regional food products, in order to protect their integrity.

“We believe in France in the idea of a European Culinary Heritage. We do not ignore the significance of food, indeed we embrace it. We accept that for many centuries it has shaped our way of life. Hence our constant wish to describe and extol both the traditional products of the land – whether food, wine or beers – and the recipes that have evolved to present them to their best advantage.”
Aleandre Lazareff, Director General su Conseil National des Arts Culinaires, Gerant d’ Euroterroirs.