Thin Oatcakes

Thin oatcakes – from Maw Broon’s Cooking with Bairns (2010)

Will make 14-16

You will need:
150g medium oatmeal
50g coarse oatmeal
50g plain flour
75ml boiling water
40g butter

Before you start:
Get a mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Rolling pin
Baking tray 23 x 33 cm
Piece of foil to fit baking tray
Pre heat oven to Gas4/160C

How to make:
Put medium and coarse oatmeal and flour into bowl. Mix together and make a well in the centre.
Put boiling water into measuring jug.
Chop butter and add, stir to dissolve.
Pour into oatmeal and flour.
Stir with a fork to bring the mixture together.
Put onto foil and knead into a firm ball.
Roll out to the size of the baking tray when it will be about 3mm thick.
Lift into in baking tray, neaten edges and cut into squares.
Bake for about 30-40 minutes till crisp. Cool on a rack

Glebe Street Tips:
It’s important to work quickly while the mixture is hot. When it cools it’s not so easy to roll out thinly.
Shape into two rounds and cut into triangles for traditional oatcakes.
Use cutters to make different shapes.
You can vary the texture by changing the proportions of medium and coarse oatmeal. There is also fine oatmeal and pinhead which is very coarse, just the whole grain cut into two.