Classic Scots Cookery

classic-scots-cookeryClassic Scots Cookery 1st published 2004 reprinted 2006 NWP

Scotland’s varied landscape defines the national produce: the fertile lands of Angus and Tayside which produce slow-ripened, full-flavoured grains and soft fruits, clear rivers and sea waters where fine seafood is caught by hand, line and net and highland pastures provide gamey venison from red deer.

Catherine’s abundant knowledge of these riches allows you to experience Scotland’s best traditional ingredients in a range of exceptional recipes.

Along the way, you will also gain an understanding of the history and evolution of Scotland’s food produce as she takes you on a journey to the kitchens, inns, crofts, and fishing villages of the past.

The scope of dishes in the comprehensive approach to Scots cooking is unparalleled. Everything is here, including all the festive classics from Hogmanay Het Pint to a harvest home Cranachan.

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