The Bakers Tale



The Baker’s Tale, published 2002 by NWP 

The specialities of James ‘Mr Jimmy’ Burgess who was the last craft baker to work in One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow’s West End – one of Glasgow’s top hotels and the choice of the stars. It was here, during the final ten years of his career, that he established his reputation as one of the UK’s most respected bakers.

Among his admirers were Billy Connolly, Lulu, Robbie Coltrane, Delia Smith, Celine Dion and others who all left with a complimentary box of Mr Jimmy’s tablet or shortbread.

Writen by Catherine Brown, award-winning food writer and long-time follower of Mr Jimmy’s superb baking, The Baker’s Tale captures the essence of this heart-warming tale of a man dedicated to his craft. She sets his own life story against the historical background of the ups and downs of the baking industry in the twentieth century.

From Daily Bread to Danish Pastries; Shortbread to Spinach Quiche; Clootie Dumpling to Clafoutis Tart or Mincemeat to Madeleines, a rich collection of inspiring recipes to send everyone off into the kitchen to bake.

“I would recommend this book to anyone from the inexperienced cook to the professional chef – ‘a must have book’, and I will certainly have a copy on my bookshelf.”Michel Roux, The Waterside Inn, Bray, Berkshire

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