A Scottish Feast

a-scottish-feast-1A Scottish Feast, published 1995 by Argyll £9.99

(co-author with poet and publisher Hamish Whyte)

An anthology of food and eating in Scottish literature from Para Handy’s recipe for chuckie soup to David Balfour’s attempt to eat limpets in Kidnapped.

A Scottish Feast is a banquet of the best writing by Scots on the subject of food and eating. Librarian and author Hamish Whyte and food writer Catherine Brown have collected together over 100 extracts, poems, prose and letters on the subject of food.

Dunbar’s account of Edinburgh appetites; Mackay Brown’s poem about churning butter – all aspects are covered of knowing a nation from what it puts in it’s stomach !

From stirring porridge to rituals of high tea, A Scottish Feast is a feast of writing.