A Year in a Scots Kitchen


A Year in a Scots Kitchen, 1st published1996, 3rd revised edition 2002 published NWP

The festive year, tracing the history of Celtic and Viking festivals and their influence on the Scots kitchen.

“My cookery book of the year.” Nigel Slater, The Observer

The sell-out hardback edition of this book was critically acclaimed on publication in October 1996 and this reissued trade paperback edition brings Catherine Brown’s knowledge to a much wider audience.

In A Year In A Scots Kitchen, Catherine Brown presents and explores a feast of seasonal and celebratory foods throughout the year. She begins on 31 October, the traditional Celtic New Year, now better known as the popular children’s festival of Hallowe’en. She is guided by the guardians of Scotland’s culinary treasures — the farmers, fishermen, artisans and craftspeople in the food industry who follow the natural rhythm of the seasons as they grow, harvest, smoke, cure, preserve and cook food. The 20th century has witnessed many startling changes in food production and retailing. The most telling of these is the fact that while today’s ready-cooked, pre-packed produce may be sophisticated and diverse, it is often difficult to assess for true quality. A Year In A Scots Kitchen suggests a return to tracking down quality seasonal ingredients, if possible from local suppliers, as they ripen or mature naturally. It also provides a fascinating glimpse into traditional eating habits and seasonal festivities.

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